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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back to Work!

The next round of assignments became available this morning and I'll have two weeks to work through Module 2.  While I'm feeling pretty good after all I've learned in the first module, I'll need to collect myself and get after some new challenges with the coursework ahead.

Quick Analysis

Module 2 contains one reading assignment, two video lectures, and two learning activities.  The first learning activity needs to be submitted prior to unlocking the rest of the module content.  Once again, there are two weeks given to complete these actions before Module 3 becomes unlocked later this month.

Overall, this module continues to look at the process of observation in approaching and studying biblical text.  I think this is good as I feel like there is a lot more to learn in this area.  I'm looking forward to continuing to build my skills and broadening my field of view in how I approach texts.  It's easy to limit your thinking when your own bias tends to focus your attention in certain directions.  That will be a nice habit to break.

Planning Ahead

The first task that needs to be accomplished is Learning Activity #2.  This activity is similar to Learning Activity #1 and gives me an opportunity to continue to hone my observational skills.  As I had a hunch what Learning Activity #2 was going to be, I was able to plan ahead accordingly and set myself up to hit the ground running.

Due to some things that have come up locally (AKA Life), my schedule is likely to be disrupted over the coming weeks.  Therefore, I went ahead and wrapped up Learning Assignment #2 quickly and submitted it.  Personally, I would have liked to have spent a little more time on it over the coming days, but I think it is best to go ahead and submit it today.  I spoke with my GTA ahead of time and she was kind enough to work with me so I could get a jump on this activity last night.

After submitting Learning Activity #2, it became obvious why the remainder of Module #2 was locked out.  The first video lecture assignment was a debrief and review of the first two learning assignments.  It was fun to watch.  I got a sense of where I did well in my observations and learned a couple of things that made me go - huh, I never even thought of that.  I personally think it's cool to experience different perspectives as it opens up whole new paths of thought.  I was perhaps a little too technically focused but hey, what do you expect from an electrical engineer?

So that's 2/5 of Module 2 in the books.  Now I need to plan the remainder of my time.  If I am able, I will plan on starting my reading assignment tonight and hopefully I'll be able to view the Module 2 lectures tomorrow evening.  That should leave me nearly two weeks to complete the second learning activity for this module which looks really fun - yes I said that, weird.

Tonight I hope to also catch a chapel service as I'd like to get back to the Heritage Week services.  But I'll also take a look at who has been speaking over the past week to see if anything else trips my trigger.

Finally, I received my Logos package last night.  It was a whopping 6Gb.  I have to be honest, it is a little intimidating to stare at right now so I'll need to set some time aside to learn how to use this software over the next two weeks.  And this is something I'm looking forward to learning.

That's a Wrap for Today.

Well, that's it for today.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep my schedule given the other things I have going on locally, but my GTA has agreed to work with me if needed.  It is a big comfort to know that I have her support.

Lord willing I'll post again on Friday to update my progression through the course thus far and go over some of my lessons learned.  If not Friday, I'll get to it as soon as I am able.

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