Want to discover what it’s like pursuing an online seminary degree and to attend online classes?  Well, you’re in the right place because that is what I am chronicling here at The Redeemed Pupil.

Nobody embarks on an educational journey with a “conquer the world” type of confidence.  It’s an adventure into the unknown that humbles you, tests your limits, and teaches you how to learn; a real roll up your sleeves and dig in exercise in perseverance. 

But I believe with a little bit of organization, a smidgen of dedication, and a whole lot of prayer, pursuing an online degree can be a rewarding experience which brings glory to God and can help you grow in knowledge, faith, and service.
  • I also believe that if you feel God is calling you to seminary but you’re not sure what to expect, you’ll get a pretty good idea here.  I’m committed to giving you the real play by play of my whole personal experience.
  • Furthermore, I believe that you can benefit in your own journey by learning from my success and failure.  I hope to have mostly the former, but I know I’ll also have my share of the latter.  I’ll develop and share my own best practices and lessons learned as I go.

I really don’t know what the Lord has planned for me in my studies at Dallas Theological Seminary online, but I believe He has brought me here for a reason.  I started The Redeemed Pupil to document this experience because I believe my exploits might help others in their walk with the Lord and to journal my own spiritual development during the coming years.  This blog really isn't about me, it's about the work of Christ in my life.

Who is the Real Dave?

The real Dave is a husband of fifteen years and a father of four young boys.  He’s also an employee, an engineer, an analyst, and a manager.  What makes Dave great though, are his God and the people around him.
The truth is, I’m nobody special.  And given the opportunity, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.  I’m just a humble sinner, forgiven through faith by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in whom I live.  And this is truly precious to me.

And one final thing... I really, really, really like Legos.

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