Textbooks are a fundamental component of any academic program.  Stay tuned to see how my personal library grows over the course of my studies.

Term Course Title Author ISBN Paid
Fall 16 BE101 Methodical Bible Study Traina, Robert A. 0-310-24602-4 $15.58
How to Read the Bible as Literature Ryken, Leland 0-310-39021-4 $13.11
Basic Bible Interpretation Zuck, Roy B. 0-781-43877-2 $20.02
Fall 17 ST101 Dispensationalism and the History of Redemption Bingham, D. Jeffrey, and Glenn R. Kreider
Exploring Christian Theology Blount, Douglas K. et. al.
Who Needs Theology Grenz, Stanley, and Roger E. Olson
Christian Theology: An Introduction McGrath, Alister E.
Suprised by the Voice of God Deere, Jack
Inerrancy Geisler, Norman L.
Dispensationalism Ryre, Charles C.
RS101 They Say I Say Graff, Gerald and Cathy Birkenstein
From Topic to Thesis Kibbe, Michael
A Manuel for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations Turabian, Kate L.

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