Achievement Unlocked

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Assignment Submitted

I've been poking at my learning assignment for the past couple of days and I got to the point where the more I tinker, the less I'm satisfied with the result.  So last night I decided to go ahead and submit my first learning assignment and put that behind me.  I think I did pretty well but let's wait and see if that squares with reality.  I can, at any rate, chalk this up as an achievement unlocked!

What now?  I'm a solid week ahead in my class and it doesn't make sense to read ahead quite yet for Module 2.  I have a little bit of an idea what my next assignment will be and if I'm right, I've actually got that one pretty much done as well.  So I have some time to burn.  Tonight I'll attend a chapel service or two and then maybe I'll dive into learning how to use Logos.  But that's really it for now.

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