The Great Module Unlock

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 Lots of Work to Do

Yesterday was a big day for my online BE101 class.  A total of 7 new modules became unlocked which will take me all the way to December 7.  I actually like this as now I have plenty of time to roll along at my own pace over the coming months.  Some of the learning activities are going to be pretty involved, so the sooner I get going on this great module unlock, the better.

Finishing up Module 4

For the first time this semester, I really struggled with the learning activity.  It was to outline and overview and entire book in the Old Testament.  It was a short book.  In addition to taking a lot of time, the instructions weren't entirely helpful in getting started.  But that was only a minor setback.

I had to spend a lot of time reading the Biblical text which was a good thing.  However, I really struggled with connecting the relationships between the paragraphs.  It was a much easier thing to do within the paragraphs.  But as I always do, I got to a point where I was getting sick of looking at my finished work, so I went ahead and turned it in.

After watching the learning activity review, I discovered that I missed a lot which is not surprising.  But I was encouraged that I nailed a lot of the material as well.  Overall, it looks like I did far more work on the assignment than was necessary.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing, just I probably could have used that time a little more efficiently to study the structure in more detail.  Oh well, I think I did fine regardless and I learned a lot.  Next time, I'll try to build out of the sentence structure a little more diligently.

One thing I'd change.  I used Excel to put my chart together as that has served me well enough over the years.  But it would have been nice to use something a little more tailored to the task.  I (as I always do) spent a little too much time fussing with the graphics which could have been better spent elsewhere.  I just couldn't find a good program that would be quick, simple, and free enough to use for this purpose. 

Module 5 (October 11-16)

Module 5 is the shortest module in the course and only contains a reading assignment and a video lecture assignment.  It's a nice breather after the struggles I had with the learning activity in Module 4.

I didn't have any problems knocking these off last night and now I'm full into Module 6.

Module 6 (October 17 - November 2)

This module has one small reading assignment, one large video lecture, two large learning activities, and one detailed class discussion.  I hammered out the reading assignment rather quickly just to get it out of the way.  You'll notice now, I have a little over 2 weeks to do the video assignments and to work on my learning activities.  I'm determined to not let this slip away!

I'll spend the next two days going through the 3 hours of videos and then I'll start work on the first learning activity over the weekend.  I'm excited that I can get a little ahead and I'm going to need a good buffer by the time November rolls around for personal reasons.

By the time I finish the material for Module 6, I'll be at the half-way point of the class and more than half done with my learning activities.  This will be a nice milestone to reach, especially if I can keep rolling with my grades. 

All Registered for Spring

I took a little time over the weekend to go ahead and prepare for my Spring 2017 semester.  I'm going to take on two courses this go around, but keep in mind that one of these classes is a 1 credit course.  For the Spring, I'm planning on taking:

  • RS101 - Orientation and Research Methods
  • ST101 - Theological Method and Bibliology
I have to say that registering for classes at Dallas Theological Seminary is a snap.  The whole activity took me about 10 minutes; clear, pain-free, and hassle-free.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of balancing my course load next semester, Lord willing.

Get Cranking!

I'll go into further details on the other newly unlocked modules when I get around to them.  The nice thing about having only one class is I don't need to spend much time organizing my time and priorities.  And because of that, all I need to do now is to get cranking! 

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