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School isn't Cheap

Many people struggle to raise money for their education and in that regard, I'm no different.  My tuition costs at Dallas Theological Seminary will end up costing more than my mortgage over the course of my degree program.  Couple that with the fact that we're a single income family of six, and you can begin to imagine the challenge this presents.

Unfortunately, since I am only studying part-time so I can support my family through my day job, I am not eligible for any scholarships or grants through the seminary.  This is going to make pursuing this degree especially difficult.  Educational loans aren't really feasible at this time either.  Needless to say, there are many sacrifices ahead that will need to be made by myself and my family.

I made a commitment to pursue this degree and I know in the long run the effort and sacrifice will be worth it.  Perhaps not according to worldly expectations, but certainly in preparation to serve my Lord and through my own spiritual growth.  I know God will use my learning for His good purpose and all the glory belongs to Him.

Looking for Help

Even still, I am looking for ways to offset some of my tuition costs.  Ideally, I'd like to get up to get up to taking 6 credits a semester so I can finish the degree program in about 3 years.  Right now, I can really only barely afford to cover 3 credits - equivalent to more than half my monthly take-home pay.

Which is why I'd like to ask you to consider supporting me in this academic pursuit.  If you are enjoying following me on this journey or if my experience has helped you in your own academic or spiritual growth, I'd appreciate your assistance by making a dontaion against my tuition costs.  Please give as you feel led and know that no amount is too small to help out.

I would like to ask that any contribution towards my education be made directly to my student account at Dallas Theological Seminary.  You can find information about supporting students here:

Name: David W. Knapp
Program: MBTS
Student ID: 976765

In sending your gift directly to the school you can be sure that any funds added to my student account will be used for their inteded purposes.  Any overages will be carried forward into subsequent semesters.

Thank You

If you decide to send a gift for my tuition costs, please let me know.  I'd like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for your help.  Your decision to sponsor me is not only a gift to me, but a gift to God as He prepares me for His work through my education Dallas Theological Seminary.

Thanks for visiting my blog chronicaling my online seminary exploits.  And sincerely thank you (!)  for choosing to partner with me on this journey.  And if you don't at this time that is fine too.  I hope you continue to enjoy this site!

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